We, at Starmaker School of Drama will take the following measures:

Hold a register of every child involved with the group, including relevant medical details, and have a contact name and number close to hand in case of emergencies.

Ensure that our Emergency First Aid training certificate is valid, and renewed every three years.

Be aware of any emergency medication that any child in our care may require, and be able to administer it if required.

Have a group policy for the collection of children after Class has finished.

Children under the age of TEN will not be allowed access to the stage area.

Children over the age of TEN will be allowed access to the stage area providing there is adult supervision.

All scripts, poetry, and music used in Class will be age appropriate.

Take action to stop any inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour.

Ensure there is no situation where a child and adult are alone together. All activities or discussions should involve others being at least within sight and hearing of others.

Provide time for children to talk to us.

Provide an example we would wish others to follow.

Treat everyone with respect.

Respect a child’s right to personal privacy.

Remember that some issues are confidential.

Be aware that, someone else might misinterpret our actions even if they are well-intentioned.


We believe that:

Starmaker School of Drama has a duty of care to all children and young people who take part in their activities.

The welfare of children and young people is paramount.

Children and young people have a right to enjoy the drama workshops free from all forms of abuse or harm.

All children and young people regardless of age, culture, disability, language, gender, religion have equal rights to protection from harm or abuse.

All children and young people should be encouraged to fulfil their potential.


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For information regarding any aspect of Starmaker School of Drama please contact Caroline McCoo by telephone or email.

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