On the 20th and 21st of January 2006 in Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Starmaker School of Drama staged their stunning production of 'Aladdin'. This year we had 40 students taking part, and with the help of some creative script writing, each and every one of them got their moment to shine. Happily, our version of 'Aladdin' did not stray too far from the one we all know and love:

"In his lair somewhere in the deserts of Arabia, the evil magician Abanazar discovers that the key to ultimate power is a magic lamp, which can be found in a secret cave near Peking in China. But evil men like Abanazar cannot enter this magical cave, so to carry out his dirty work he must seek out a good and honest peasant boy – Aladdin!

Aladdin lives in Peking with his mother, Widow Twanky and his brother Wishee-Washee. They work in Widow Twanky’s laundry, but Aladdin has hopes of a better life, and even dreams of marrying the beautiful Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan.

Aided by four easily influenced policemen - Sweet, Sour, Chop, Suey - Abanazer finds Aladdin and by promising him wealth and fame beyond his wildest dreams, Abanazar persuades the boy to accompany him to the cave in the mountains. Once there, Aladdin finds the Lamp, but grows suspicious of Abanazer’s motives and refuses to hand it over to him. The furious Abanazar casts a spell, locking Aladdin in the cave for eternity.

Will Aladdin escape? Will the Magic Lamp stay in his hands, or will the evil Abanazer find a way to claim it back? Will Aladdin win the Princess's heart? Sit back, and you’ll find out . . . "

The production was a massive success, with both nights completely selling out - we even had a waiting list for tickets (If only it was possible to add more performances!). All the students who took part in 'Aladdin' worked extremely hard, and displayed great enthusiasm and commitment towards the show.

What a Success!

Programmes were available to the audience in return for a donation to the Guide Dogs for the Blind, and I am pleased to report that together we raised £39.84 for the Fund. Thank you to all who donated.


A large selection of photographs from the show can be found here!! The photographs were taken at the Dress Rehearsal and at the Saturday performance, and are courtesy of Alan Brown, Joanne Walmsley and Caroline McCoo.

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