Fight For Oz

On the 18th and 19th of January 2008 in Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Starmaker School of Drama staged their exciting production of 'Fight For Oz'. This year we had 40 students taking part, and each and every student had a starring role in this new and exciting musical.

"Set in an American High School, ‘Fight For Oz‘ tells the story of a group of students and their fight to save the after school drama club.

With the help of their teacher, they take a petition to the School Board, only to be told that the drama club will close down unless the students produce their own version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

With no money for performing rights, scripts, costumes, sets, etc, the students must work together to pull off such an amazing challenge.

Will the students succeed? And will the drama club live to fight another day . . . . ?"

The production was a massive success, with both nights completely selling out - we even had a waiting list for tickets (If only it was possible to add more performances!). We also had amazing feedback from the audience, which is always a plus!  All the students who took part in 'Fight For Oz' worked extremely hard, and displayed great enthusiasm and commitment towards the show.

What a Success!

Programmes were available to the audience in return for a donation to Childline, and I am pleased to report that together we raised £51.53 for the Fund. Thank you to all who donated.


A large selection of photographs from the show can be found here!! The photographs were taken during the Saturday performance, and are courtesy of Jennifer Croall and Caroline McCoo.

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