Jungle Book

On the 14th and 15th of January 2005 in Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Starmaker School of Drama staged their first ever full production. We decided on an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' as we knew that there would be lots of leading roles for the students, and that the basic story would already be familiar to them. Our story differed slightly from the original script though:

"Far away, in the depths of the jungle, lives a boy called Mowgli. At his birth, Mowgli was given a magic bracelet by the Spirit of the Jungle, and as long as he wears it, he will be the true King of the Jungle. However, as Mowgli soon discovers, life is never that simple. When the evil tiger, Shere Khan, finds out about the bracelet’s powers, he decides to stake his claim on it. To do this, he enlists the help of some equally evil animals - King Louie, Kaa & Kes, Plonk & Plank, and Bim & Bam - all of whom prove to be less than capable of following their masters orders. What follows, is a hilarious series of events as they try to trap Mowgli and steal the bracelet. Luckily Mowgli has many friends who help him out along the way. The ever faithful Baloo and Bagheera are joined by the brave Kitty and her three sisters, in helping our hero hold on to the magic bracelet. But do they succeed?..."

The production was a massive success, with both nights completely selling out. All 33 students who took part in 'Jungle Book' worked extremely hard, and displayed great enthusiasm and commitment towards the show.

What a Success!

Programmes were available to the audience in return for a donation to the Tsumani Relief Appeal, and I am pleased to report that together we raised £51.84 for the Fund. Thank you to all who donated.


A large selection of photographs from the show can be found here!! The photographs were taken at the Dress Rehearsal and the Saturday performance, and are courtesy of Alan Brown and Joanne Walmsley

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