On the 19th and 20th of January 2007 in Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Starmaker School of Drama staged a premier production of 'Slick'. This year we had 38 students taking part, and with the help of some creative script editing, each and every one of them got their moment to shine. The lively musical, set in a New York High School, allowed all the students to tap into all those American TV shows we all know and love:

"Set in New York, Beechwood High School has been threatened with closure and the only thing that will save it is if their students win the State Dance Championships.

Sounds easy . . . but things are not as smooth as they seem: The Boiler Room Gang threaten to disrupt the Championships with their constant meddling and practical jokes; The two all-girl dance squads in the school refuse to work together to come up with a winning routine; The girls on the Sports Team only add to the chaos by playing one dance squad off against the other.

So do the students succeed in saving their school from closure?  . . . . . . . "

The production was a massive success, with both nights completely selling out - we even had a waiting list for tickets (If only it was possible to add more performances!). All the students who took part in 'Slick' worked extremely hard, and displayed great enthusiasm and commitment towards the show.

What a Success!

Programmes were available to the audience in return for a donation to the The British Heart Foundation, and I am pleased to report that together we raised £60.18 for the Fund. Thank you to all who donated.


A large selection of photographs from the show can be found here!! The photographs were taken at the Dress Rehearsal and at the Friday performance, and are courtesy of Alan Brown and Caroline McCoo.

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